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The people of the United States are completely unaware of how close the country is to a complete meltdown. In 2008 the country suffered a calamity and has been only kept alive through careful manipulation by the Federal Reserve. If not for the trillions of dollars in money printing and the manipulation of the stock market, the country would have fallen into economic chaos. The country has been teetering on financial meltdown since, but has only been held afloat for the past couple of years with the Fed’s deceptive and strategic constant printing of money, that has fed the stock market to keep it afloat. In addition the economy has been kept alive by policy deregulation and interest rate swaps. This was all done to keep the masses thinking that the economy is recuperating when in fact it’s quite the opposite.

The short term methods the Federal Reserve has used to bolster the economy can only be temporary. As more fiat money is printed, the value of paper dollar drops. The derivative investments that have made the large banks billions of dollars are about to burst similar to the internet bubble and the housing crisis. We are now entering the second faze of the economic calamity that will be far more devastating then the 2008 financial meltdown.This time we have no options to disentangle ourselves from the mess. The U.S. citizens are weary of banker bailouts and the U.S. government has run run out of options. There seems to be no solution outside of just bracing ourselves for a full on economic collapse. This collapse will not only effect the United States but will be seen throughout the entire global financial system throughout the world

There are those who can see the signs of this economic Armageddon, although most people in the United States are blinded by their conditioning and can seem to grasp the dire situation that we are in. I wonder if a similar situation happened during the fall of the Roman Empire. In addition, did the people living in the Wiemar Republic or the Soviet Union know their currency would collapse? Or did the masses just stand there like sheep waiting for the slaughter, similarly to the people in the United States. I feel for the people who really have no idea what is happening, but the people who are being told the truth, yet refuse to wake up are the ones I think will learn a great lesson from this unfolding scenario. It’s seems as though history repeats and as the saying goes “Those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it”. It appears that this saying is quite true and is currently playing out right now in the United States.

In 2005 Peter Schiff was the laughing stock on CNBC as he kept warning of the coming mortgage and housing market collapse. Many of the news correspondence thought he was simply crazy for his economic forecast. By 2008 the people weren’t laughing anymore as Peter’s predictions of a housing market collapse began to come to fruition. Currently Peter Schiff has been appearing on the News making dire predictions, yet again. He has now been warning of the coming collapse of the United States dollar.There are many forecasters that are currently warning of a collapse of the U.S. currency. One such forecaster is the well-known expert and economist John Williams of Shadowstats.com. John Williams has a reputation for making accurate predictions using economic stats that are made secret to the public. According to his research, the economic numbers the government puts forth are typically not accurate. John William’s predicts that there will be an unavoidable economic calamity coming to the U.S. which includes a collapse of the United States dollar. Other reputable economic forecasters who warn of a collapse of the U.S. Currency are Bob Chapman and Gerald Celente.

Now with the coming economic uncertainties and the predicted collapse of the U.S. Dollar a small amount of vigilant citizens are moving their money out of the U.S dollar and into precious metals. Experts such as Bob Chapman warn that there are no safe currencies at this time and that all fiat (paper) currency from most countries are in danger of losing their value. Bob Chapman, John Williams and Gerald Celente believe that the way to hedge against the collapse of the currency is to move some assets into precious metals such as gold and silver non-numismatic bullion coins such as the American Eagle Coins.

While the United States government postpones the inevitable financial collapse by printing more dollars, issuing more treasures and derivatives, they cannot stop the impending collapse from happening. When the masses of people realize that they are holding a currency that is not worth more then the paper it is printed on, they will panic and the herd look to move their money to safety. This is when the rise in the price of precious metals such as gold and silver coin prices will skyrocket. For now the government is printing money and bolstering the stock market to keep the population from knowing what is going on behind the scenes. And the conventional news laughs at recommendations from people like Peter Schiff to move money out of the U.S. Dollar and into gold and silver coins. Just like they stopped laughing at Peter Schiff when he accurately predicted the housing bubble, they will no longer be laughing at him again in the near future.

For now those who are awake are carefully planning. Experts such as Bob Chapman and John Williams recommend to prepare your homes with storage foods, the basic necessities to get you through several months if stores should close and food supplies slow down. They both also recommend to move money into gold and silver coins. Bob Chapman also recommends buying gold and silver mining stocks, as these are the only stocks that actually increased during the depression of the 1930′s. Some of the gold stocks increased by over 1000% during the great collapse of the 1930′s as everything else tanked. Bob is predicting the same scenario with the collapse of the stock market and the rise of the price of gold and silver mining stocks.

People wonder whether to buy more gold or silver coins. Bob Chapman recommends buying 50% gold and 50% silver. Many people believe that silver prices will greatly outperform gold, although it will suffer more volatility and is not for the faint of heart. As the current swings in silver prices could make a weak man cry. Although, the reward outweighs the risk and the fundamentals show that silver has the potential to move into the several hundred dollar range over the coming 5 years. This could mean a rate of return of over 400%. Gold prices is the more stable of the precious metals since it more widely owned and less susceptible by price manipulation from futures trading. Although, the upside potential is great for gold, many people believe that the upside for silver is many times more then gold. Although, most people balance the security of gold with the more speculative trading nature of silver by owning both. People like Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Mike Maloney are more heavily invested in silver.

We recommend listening to Bob Chapman’s daily radio shows to find out the latest news so you can prepare for the coming debacle the best way possible. Bob says that those who prepare now will be the financial leaders of the future.

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