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gold priceMany people who are learning about the collapsing United States dollar are interested in buying gold coins and silver bullion. Some of the many questions we receive are which gold coins should you purchase and whom do you buy gold from? We want to give you pertinent information on buying gold, where to purchase and whom to trust.

When buying gold coins you need to decide how much money you want to invest. Experts like the late Bob Chapman recommend putting 30% of your assets in gold and silver precious metals. He recommends putting 50% in gold and 50% in silver.

?Buying gold coins and gold bullion is much less volatile then silver due to the greater amount of people who have already purchased gold bullion and gold coins. While on the other hand, silver can be more volatile due to the fact that less people own silver at this time. This is not to say that silver has less potential, in fact, silver may surpass the future gold price in terms of how much return you get for your investment. Although, you may have to wait out the price of silver, which can be stressful for new precious metals investors. If you want less volatility then you may be interested in buying gold coins and gold bullion over silver.

Now that you’ve decided to put, lets say 20 percent of your assets in gold, you are now wondering whether to buy gold bullion or gold coins. Many people enjoy the greater flexibility of owning gold coins over gold bullion. This is because with gold coins you can transport them easier as they are much lighter and you can purchase them in smaller amounts, such as 1 ounce coins. This means if you need to leave the country you can easily throw a couple of gold coins in your wallet and go. If you have gold bullion you will not be able to travel with them so easily if you need to leave your home quickly. So many people prefer to buy gold coins.

What is Better Numismatic or Non-Numismatic Gold Coins?

Now that you are interested in buying gold coins over the heavier gold bullion, you will want to decide which gold coins to buy. You have a choice between numismatic gold coins and non-numismatic gold coins. When deciding which to buy you have to keep in mind that numismatic gold coins have much higher commission rates. You pay more for numismatic coins but get less gold in the coin.

When inquiring with expert Bob Chapman on buying gold, he recommended that we only purchase non-numismatic gold coins. That way if I purchase a gold coin such as the American Eagle Gold Coin I am getting 99% gold. If I purchase a non-numismatic gold coin I may be getting only 50% gold. So if you purchase a non-numismatic coin you are getting the amount of gold you pay for with just a little commission. We recommend the non-numismatic gold coins.

When buying gold coins, preferably the non-numismatic coins, you may wonder which non-numismatic gold coins to buy. If you are in the United States you may want to purchase the American Eagle Gold Coins. These are widely recognized as very good gold coins. If you live in Canada, you? may be interested in buying gold coins referred to as the Canadian Maple. If you live in China, you may want to buy the Pandas. It really depends on where you live. The coin from the country you live in will be the easiest coin to sell when the time is right. So if you are looking to buy gold coins, we recommend the non-numismatic coin from the country that you are residing in.

Disclaimer: Please do your due diligence before buying or selling silver and/or gold. We are not investment advisers and cannot provide investment advice. Please do your own research before investing.

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